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UK Businesses Adopt Cloud Computing More Slowly Than Continental Rivals

UK-based small and medium sized enterprises are adopting cloud computing services slower than their European counterparts, a survey has found.

According to a Europe wide survey of 1,600 SMEs conducted by virtualisation firm VMware, around 48 percent of UK firms have deployed some form of cloud computing services, lagging behind the 60 percent of the European SMEs.

The survey found that remote data storage was the most common cloud computing service for SMEs to use. Office productivity applications, which give remote access to documents and spreadsheets, also commonly used.

The report also predicted that the global cloud-computing market would reach $55 billion by 2014, and that SMEs would account for at least half of that market.

“The earliest adopters are technically oriented start-ups with no installed base of systems, people who are comfortable with putting their applications and data in the crowd,” Chris Jagusz, retail managing director at IT specialist Daisy Group, said in a statement to The Telegraph (opens in new tab).

“After that, it tends to be almost the opposite – services firms who don't want the hassle of managing the technology and are happy for a cloud firm to do it for them,” he added.