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VMWare Buys Online Presentation Maker SlideRocket

Virtualisation services provider VMware has announced the acquisition of SlideRocket, which offers an online presentation maker.

SlideRocket’s cloud based application allows its 20,000 customers and 300,000 users to create presentations from within the web browsers running Flash Player 10.

The company’s cloud based application supports Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, and Netscape on a Windows, Mac or Linux system. The tool has emerged as a speedy alternative to Microsoft’s PowerPoint presentation application.

Apart from allowing users to create, store, tag and search presentations, the software also comes with a web-conferencing feature that allows people on multiple desktops to watch the same presentation in real-time.

The company also offers a marketplace of sorts that allows one to purchase the tools needed for making a particular presentation.

“VMware is at the forefront of building the core cloud computing infrastructure and enables users to gain ever greater value from cloud-based solutions,” Brian Byun, VP and general manager at VMware, said in a statement, reports IT Pro.

“SlideRocket’s cloud-based architecture, innovative design, and strong integration with other cloud applications and services have transformed a decades-old business productivity software and redefined the way we consume and communicate information,” he added.