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Windows Phone deal kills off 4,000 Nokia jobs

Nokia has announced that it is shedding 7,000 staff as a direct result of the deal it recently struck with Microsoft.

The Finnish mobile maker inked a $1 billion deal with the world's richest software outfit back in March and warned at the time that the move from Symbian to Windows Phone 7 was a big risk.

Now it seems that the biggest risk was to Nokia's workforce as 4,000 workers wait for the redundancy notices whilst a further 3,000 transfer to Accenture, which is talking over future development of the Symbian operating system.

As smartphone ownership blossoms in the western world, Symbian is expected to find a foothold in emerging markets, where so-called 'dumb phones' sell for a few dollars.

Nokia president Stephen Elop said, "This is a difficult reality, and we are working closely with our employees and partners to identify long-term re-employment programs for the talented people of Nokia."

Once a dominant force in the mobile phone market, Nokia massively dropped the ball first by ignoring the introduction of the Apple iPhone, and then as Google's Android OS entered the market.

Job losses will start to take place in 2012.