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£89.72 Sony DSC-W520 Silver Digital Camera

The Sony DSC W520 digital camera is easy to use, yet capable of delivering a highly professional output. This camera is ideally for those who like to preserve each and every memory of their life, and re-live them whenever possible. The camera is suitable for users of all levels of expertise.

The camera functions in a fairly less complicated manner. You don’t need to sweat over adjusting camera settings and other complex functions. And not only that, it is extremely good looking too, almost sort of an eye candy.

The effective 14MP and 5x zoom that the camera boasts of allow you to take high-quality, life like pictures even from a long range. It does not matter what size you want to enlarge them to, the quality and depth hardly gets altered.

Sensitivity of the camera allows you can take crystal-clear pictures even in low light, without requiring to use flash.

The W520 also works as a mini HD camcorder, allowing you to record 720p High-Definition video clips with amazing sound quality at 30 frames per second.

The box contains a rechargeable Battery Pack, Battery Charger, USB Cable, Power Cord, Wrist Strap and a CD ROM.

The Sony DSC W520 is available on eBay for an amount of £89.72 only.