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AMNews: Nokia Announces Job Cuts, Dropbox Kills DropShip, Infamous 2 Beta Extended

The Finnish mobile giant, Nokia has announced 4000 job cuts with 700 alone in the UK. Nokia, which has been dominating the mobile industry, is facing tough times and is struggling to keep up with its rivals Google and Apple. The job cuts have also been announced in Finland and Denmark.

Gazang Inc. has come up with an update in its ezNcrypt data security solution with the view of strengthening the security of data in cloud, on premise as well as virtualized environments. The update will include new features such as public/private key encryption, integrated hardware security module as well as support for FIPS 140 Level 3 and more.

Search engine giant Google is decided to inject around $6 million in to its Summer of Code initiative that brings students into the world of everything open source. In a blog post, the company said that it has announced the names of 1,116 students that will be assigned to 175 organisations for mentoring them throughout the year on open source projects.

Cloud based file storage service Dropbox has attacked an open source project that allows users to share files outside Dropbox’s control. According to an article on The Register the open source project, called Dropship, allows users to share files over Dropbox by merely using hashes.

Game developer Sucker Punch Productions has decided to extend the beta of its upcoming ‘Infamous 2’ game in the light of the Sony PlayStation Network outage. The company released a beta version of the highly awaited gaming title as a preview before its planned June 7 launch.