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Angry Birds Hits 140 Million Players, Goes To China

Angry Birds has been downloaded 140 million times, and its maker Rovio Mobile thinks it can nearly double that number in China alone.

The game, which gained initial success on Apple’s iOS platform, is now available on Android, Windows Phone and Sony’s PlayStation 3 gaming console. Rovio also plans to release a Facebook version of the game soon.

The company announced crossing the 100 million download mark in MArch when it released Angry Birds Rio, showing that growth has continued to be strongsince then.

The highly ambitious developer, which had released 51 games prior to its Angry Birds success, plans to turn the game into a massive entertainment franchise.

Speaking at the Global Mobile Internet Conference in Beijing, Rovio head Peter ‘Mighty Eagle’ Vesterbacka, said that the company wants to release Chinese versions of the Angry Birds game.

He said that Chinese users had already downloaded the game more than 10 million times since its launch and plans to boost that number to 100 million by this year’s end.

“100 million really is a small number for China. We are not being that ambitious,” he said to PC World. He also revealed that the company has already set-up a development team in China to work on the Chinese project.