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Apple May Update Other Products To "Hide" iPhone 5 Absence

Apple may try to fill the summer iPhone 5 gap with new Macs, the white iPhone 4 and other 'out of the ordinary' updates. 2011 is seemingly going to be the year when Apple will not stick to its summer release schedule and will instead unveil the iPhone to customers in early autumn.

Launching the white iPhone 4 in late April and possibly updating its Mac range could be seen as some sort of compensation to Apple fans, that would make waiting a bit longer for the iPhone 5 less of an ordeal.

9to5Mac reports that Apple is delaying orders of the iMac ahead of a refresh next week. The refreshed iMac line, which should feature Intel’s latest powerful Sandy Bridge chip technology, is rumoured to already be en route to the US.

The MacBook Air was updated with SSD-only drive options and has since been selling a treat. BGR reports that the next line could have improved Intel graphics, Sandy Bridge CPUs, and the new Thunderbolt I/O technology, and could be arriving as soon as June.

And, as if it wasn’t enough, MacBook Pro could feature a new design. Apple could “borrow” some design ideas from the MacBook Air, making the next Pro more sleek and slim. Apple could really impress everybody if MacBook Pro will have Thunderbolt inbuilt.

If all these updates really take place, then Apple may have its back covered and the iPhone 5’s absence could be compensated by other product updates.