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Barnes & Noble Accuses Microsoft Of Uncompetitive Practices

Barnes & Noble has claimed that Microsoft's deal with Nokia to share patents is illegal because it unfairly hurts other firms' competitiveness, a move that some see as bald retaliation.

Microsoft filed a lawsuit last month against Barnes & Noble and two other firms alleging that they had violated numerous patents in their ebook reader and tablet devices powered by the Android Operating System. Microsoft filed the lawsuit in the International Trade Commission, US and US District Court for the Western District of Washington.

Barnes and Noble has argued that Microsoft has no right to claim patent protection for something that was designed by a third party.

The company addressed to the court by stating, “ Microsoft did not invent, research, develop, or make available to the public mobile devices employing the Android Operating System and other open source operating systems, but nevertheless seeks to dominate something it did not invent," The Inquirer reports.

Barnes & Noble has also claimed that Microsoft is intentionally engaging in an antitrust campaign in order to destabilize the Android platform, which Microsoft must likely sees as serious competition to its own operating system.