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ChoozOn Will Aggregate Deals From GroupOn And Its Rivals

A new service is about to be launched that will allow users to keep track of the daily deals and discounts being offered by companies like Groupon and its rivals.

ChoozOn, which is being started by Yahoo veterans Nick Weir, Usama Fayyad and Hunter Madsen, is a platform that aggregates the data from daily deals websites like Groupon and coupon providers like RetailMeNot.

Users to opt in to keep track of the deals and discounts being offered by their favorite brands and categories. ChoozOn will send them alerts every time a new deal or discount pops up for the brands or categories that they have chosen

“We have Facebook to manage our social network and LinkedIn to manage our professional contacts. With ChoozOn, we finally have a personal network to help us connect with brands and shopping pals, so that we can sort out, enjoy, and share the wealth of deals and special shopping experiences available today,” said Nick Weir, CEO of ChoozOn in a statement.

However, the platform might get a serious competitor in Facebook Deals, which also allows users to find deals in their immediate area. The company’s massive user base will be enough to propel Deals into the daily deals market, and may provide a new way to effectively monetize the network that Facebook maintains.