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Department Of Justice Needs More Time To Dismantle Botnet

Despite some success in controlling the Coreflood botnet, the Justice department told a court last weekend that some more time will be required to completely nullify this “Zombie Network”.

Coreflood is a botnet that has plagued hundreds of thousands of computers since it came into existence.

Earlier this month the Department of Justice, along with FBI, dedicated serious effort into taking down the spread of this botnet, and succeeded to some extent. The five “command and control” servers which were used to initialize and spread this attack were seized by the agencies. The agencies also seized twenty nine domains that had been used to control the botnet.

The Department of Justice (DOJ) said in the court that it is going to provide remote assistance for removing the Coreflood from affected machines. The agency said that victims who want their systems cleaned and removed from the botnet need to fill out an FBI form by giving their consent for its remote removal.

"The substitute server, or another similar server, will be configured to respond to command and control requests from infected computers by issuing instructions for Coreflood to uninstall itself, but only as to infected computers of Identifiable Victims who have provided written consent to do so," the agency said in a statement quoted by PC Mag (opens in new tab).