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Digipede Selected by L-3 for Image Processing Projects

Digipede Technologies yesterday confirmed that they have been selected by the L-3 Communication for its key “high-throughput image processing” projects.

Digipede Technologies is a well know service provider of distributed computing solutions for Microsoft Corp.’s Window platforms, while L3 Communications is a leading aerospace and defence supplier.

According to a company press release (opens in new tab), Digipede has partnered up with the leading global security company Lockheed Martin in order to create a “grid-enabled version” of the Lockheed’s TagForge Pro that will be suitable for L3’s network.

According to the company, this grid enabled version of the TagForge will enhance the capabilities of L3’s advanced image processing projects. It is likely to be deployed initially for processing large NPSI (Navy Portable Source Initiative) data-sets.

While discussing the need to process large amounts of image data in a short time, Charles Walters, a visual engineer at L-3 Communication’s Link Simulation & Training division, said in a statement, “We’ve been most impressed with the performance delivered by the combination of TacForge and the Digipede Network.”

“Processing large NPSI datasets requires a lot of computational horsepower, and Digipede allows us to harness the power of multiple machines on our network for this purpose,” he added.