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Dropbox Neutralises DropShip Citing Possible Piracy

Cloud based file storage service Dropbox has attacked an open source project that allows users to share files outside Dropbox’s control.

According to an article on The Register the open source project, called Dropship, allows users to share files over Dropbox by merely using hashes.

Dropbox reckons that the project exposes its proprietary protocol and could be used for sharing copyrighted material, something which Dropbox has official banned from the platform.

The source code for Dropship was hosted by developer Wladimir van der Laa on github. When Dropbox sent him a takedown notice, der Laa complied but other open source community member Dan DeFelippi mirrored the project inside his own Dropbox account.

Dropbox then sent a DMCA takedown notice to the web developer and banned him from sharing files on the platform. His ban was later removed but he was asked not to host the source code again.

“Source code for Dropship was being hosted as a public file in a Dropbox folder. The Dropbox system flagged it as a potential issue and an automated notice was sent to the user that there was an issue with their file." a Dropbox spokesperson told The Register.

Since then DeFelippi and other open source developers have hosted the source code for Dropship on Dropbox and other websites but Dropbox now says that it won’t work after it made some changes to its own system.