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Gazang Update Strengthens Security Of Data In Cloud

Gazang Inc. has come up with an update in its ezNcrypt data security solution with the view of strengthening the security of data in cloud, on premise as well as virtualized environments.

The update will include new features such as public/private key encryption, integrated hardware security module as well as support for FIPS 140 Level 3 and more.

Eddie Garcia, director of development for Gazzang said that the ezNcrypt solution will be based on a dual authentication key for the auto encryption of MySQL database transactions, without requiring changes to any of the existing application or databases.

Addressing the issue of needing a heightened security parameter, Garcia said in a statement, “As more government and commercial organizations move critical business processes to the cloud, they must address more stringent security and compliance requirements”.

The updated ezNcrypt includes a wide range of improved features such as Engine Support, Public/Private Key Encryption, HSM Integration and Rightscale MySQL EBS Support.

Gazang ezNcrypt is now certified to come integrated with the Thales nCipher line of hardware security module. Thales is the company responsible for developing a wide range of data encryption hardware and software for a number of key government, scientific, business and financial services.