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Google Injects $6 Million In Summer Of Code Initiative

Search engine giant Google is decided to inject around $6 million in to its Summer of Code initiative that brings students into the world of everything open source.

In a blog post, the company said that it has announced the names of 1,116 students that will be assigned to 175 organisations for mentoring them throughout the year on open source projects.

“Students will now start the community bonding period where they will get to know their mentors and prepare for the program by reading documentation, hanging out in the IRC channel and familiarizing themselves with their new community before beginning their actual coding at the end of May,” Stephanie Taylor, Open Source Programs Office at Google, said in a statement.

According to an article (opens in new tab) on Internet News, the company pays $5,550 for every student, out of which $5,000 goes to the student and $500 goes to the organisation mentoring the student.

Therefore, all in all, the company will be bringing $6 million to the open source code. Google started the programme back in 2005 to help students get to know more about the open source community. Students gain valuable knowledge while organisations gain help in their projects.

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