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Portal 2 Selling Better On Xbox Than PlayStation, PSN Outage Blamed

Valve’s popular Portal 2 is the best-selling game on Microsoft's Xbox 360, but it is also selling better on the Xbox 360 than on the PlayStation 3, it has been revealed.

According to the GfK-ChartTrack data cited by CVG, around 54 percent of the sales made by the boxed version of Portal 2 have been made for the Xbox 360 console while the PlayStation 3 console accounts only for 35 percent of the sales. The PC version of the game accounted for 10 percent of Portal 2’s sales, reports Destructoid (opens in new tab).

The Gfk-Chart Track data does not take into account the sales made via Valve’s Steam platform.

The huge gap in Xbox 360 and PS3 Portal 2 sales comes as a surprise as the PS3 version comes with support for Valve’s Steam multi-player gaming platform and also features a free PC version of the game.

Experts believe that consumers are opting for the Xbox 360 version because of the massive outage that the PlayStation Network has been suffering from; the network has moved into its sixth day of downtime.

Sony was forced to shut the entire network down after an external attack from hackers. The company also revealed that hackers had stolen account information and financial data belonging to millions of PSN users.