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State Of The Internet Report Finds The UK Lacking

According to a new report, the UK is lagging well behind the rest of the world in terms of broadband penetration.

The revelation came from Akamai Technologies as a part of their State of the Internet report for the final quarter of 2010, reports The Inquirer. The State of the Internet report highlights the changes in global internet usage trends, including broadband speeds, mobile data consumption and virtualisation.

Bringing even more embarrassment to the ISPs in the country, the fourth quarter report of 2010 also revealed that only one British city could make it to the global top 100 of the “broadband friendly neighbourhoods” chart.

With 60 of its cities featuring in the top 100 chart, Japan can boast that it is the most connected country. Sixteen South Korean and eight US cities also made it to the top 100.

The only British city featured in the list is Bradford at the 99th position. The average broadband speed of Bradford was found to be 6.09 Mbps, a paltry figure in comparison to what South Korea’s Taegu , which boasts an average speed of 18.36 Mbps.

The average UK speed was found to be approximately 4.3 Mbps.