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Supermarkets Have The Most Satisfied Customers

Supermarkets give more satisfactory service to mobile phone customers than their telecom rivals, a new Which? survey has found.

According to the mobile phone customer satisfaction survey (opens in new tab) conducted by consumer organisation Which?, supermarket giant Tesco’s telecom unit, Tesco Mobile has the most satisfied contract and SIM-only customers while Asda Mobile has the most satisfied pay-as-you-go customers.

The survey revealed that Tesco Mobile scored 74 percent for customer satisfaction in contracts and SIM only customers. Meanwhile UK wireless carrier O2 was second with 61 percent, followed by T-Mobile on the third position with 59 percent, Virgin Mobile with 58 percent, Vodafone with 57 percent, Orange 53 percent and 3 with 49 percent.

Asda Mobile scored 78 percent in customer satisfaction for pay-as-you-go customers followed by Tesco Mobile in second place with 66 percent. O2 took the third spot with 65 percent followed by Three with 57 percent and Vodofone with 55 percent.

“The vast differences in the network's scores show that newer players, such as the supermarket giants, give consumers more choice and are offering affordable packages without sacrificing customer service,” Which? chief executive Peter Vicary-Smith said in a statement reported by Broadband Genie (opens in new tab).

“People spend millions of pounds each year buying mobiles, and many people visit high street stores specifically to get advice on different tariffs or handsets,” he added.