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Steve Jobs claims Apple is just misunderstood

Apple front man Steve Jobs has admitted that Apple made mistakes over the iPhone tracking scandal, but says the problem is industry-wide.

Talking to the Wall Street Journal in a telephone interview, Apple's sickly CEO once again denied that Apple's iGadgets had been doing anything wrong.

"We haven’t been tracking anyone,” Jobs said. “The files they found on these phones, as we explained, it turned out were basically files we have built through anonymous, crowdsourced information that we collect from the tens of millions of iPhones out there.”

Fears that the Cupertino mothership was tracking your every move arose last week when a British researcher and ex-Apple employee unearthed data held in an unencrypted file on every GPS-enabled Apple device.

Analysis from independent sources and an explanation of how and why the data is collected from Apple have since allayed much of the fear and uncertainty created by the revelation, but Jobs suggested that confusion over the use of geolocation was an industry-wide issue.

“As new technology comes into the society there is a period of adjustment and education,” Jobs said. “We haven’t - as an industry - done a very good job educating people, I think, as to some of the more subtle things going on here. As such, [people] jumped to a lot of wrong conclusions in the last week.”

Jobs said Apple was looking forward to clarifying the situation further when the company testifies before the US congress and other regulatory bodies in the coming weeks and months.