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Twitter goes Gaga over rogue banned video app

Now, there's nothing we'd like to see more than a banned Lady Gaga video, but if you get such an offer via Twitter it would probably be safer to ignore it.

Insecurity outfit Sophos is warning that the bogus invites tempting Gaga fans to have a look at what they probably think will involve the absurdist popstrel wearing slightly less clothing than normal - which let's face it often isn't very much - is all a terrible scam which could lead to your Twitter account being overtaken by bad men.

The malicious URL points at a fake YouTube page which then asks you to enter your Twitter account details, and if you haven't clocked on to what's going on by this stage you're probably reading the wrong web site.

Anyone daft enough to proceed will find themselves in a world of pain where your tweets will be controlled by a Spanish-speaking scammer judging from most reports.

It looks like even Queen of the Twits Gaga herself - or at least one of the drones she employs to pretend to be her on her ten-million-follower Twitter account - has been a victim of the spammery.