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UK Businesses Using Tech To Get Ahead

Businesses in the UK are adopting new technologies in order to innovate and become more successful, an expert has claimed.

According to business futurologist James Bellini, several UK businesses, large and small, that have nothing to do with digital media, are using technology to move up in the world.

He claimed that businesses are embracing technology in every aspect of their operations to boost their sales and their customer reach.

“Many of the successful companies in this country aren't in big, futuristic market sectors – some of them are locksmiths or selling ladies tights and are very successful,” Bellini said, reports TaxAssist Accountants (opens in new tab).

“What they've done is harness all the technologies of the new digital world to make themselves more successful. Innovation is also about how you do things. You can sell a traditional product in a very 21st century, digital way by making use of the technologies about,” he added.

His comments come after data protection services provider Becrypt published a report in which it found that the demand for mobile working capabilities in UK businesses was increasing at a rapid rate, even as companies remain concerned about the manner in which data and other sensitive information is accessed by employees.