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Zynga Enters UK, Acquires Wonderland Software

Social games developer Zynga has acquired UK based mobile phone games marker Wonderland Software.

Zynga failed to disclose the financial details of the acquisition but it seems that it plans to use Wonderland’s mobile phone gaming expertise in order to offer more games on Smartphones and tablet PC devices.

The company, which made it big after its games Farmville, Cityville and Mafia Wars became instant hits on Facebook, has been expanding its reach via small acquisitions at the rate of at least one per month.

The acquisition will allow the company to expand its already massive user base by offering more games for a number of platforms.

The Guildford based Wonderland Software will be renamed as Zynga Mobile UK. The company is behind the popular iPhone and iPad game GodFinger. According to a statement released by the company, Zynga won’t get the license to the game as a part of the acquisition.

“Wonderland Software has always been dedicated to pursuing big and creative ideas and turning them into games that players love. We are thrilled to continue our vision as part of the Zynga family and to reach millions of mobile players across a spectrum of devices,” Wonderland CEO Matthew Wiggins said in a statement.