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Channel 4 Releases Video On Demand App For iPad

Channel 4 has released an app for its 4oD on-demand video streaming service for Apple’s iPad tablet device.

Following in the footsteps of rival BBC’s iPlayer app, the company said that the app was designed specifically for the large screened tablet device and allow users to stream some of the content available on the 4oD website. The app however, does not offer archived content or American TV shows.

The app, which will be ad-supported, is being sponsored by beer maker Heineken, which recently is StarPlayer app for the iPhone.

“Collectively, connected TV is an interesting opportunity and in aggregation is a significant market, but at the moment it's all pretty fragmented,” Channel 4 head of video on-demand Sarah Milton, said in a statement reported by T3 (opens in new tab).

“There's little in the way of consistent formats and we need some degree of scalability and longevity. The manufacturers are also continually developing new versions of their products,” she added.

Channel 4 is looking to expand the reach of its video on-demand services and plans to launch an app for Microsoft’s Xbox Live platform. Sky is currently the only UK broadcaster that offers a movie and TV show streaming service for Xbox 360 console owners.