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DEF CON Founder Jeff Moss Appointed New CEO Of ICANN

Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) named Jeff Moss as their new Vice President and Chief Security Officer.

The irony is that the person ICANN has chosen to keep internet safe, is himself a hacker who founded DEF CON, the largest hacker conference in the world.

ICANN is a multinational non-profit organisation which plays a vital role in keeping the internet safe, stable and unified across the globe.

The appointment of Moss immediately received applause all over the world, across various organisations.

Experts believe that Moss who has been a hacker himself, owns a great insight about these “dark forces” of the virtual world, and thus, can play a quite an important role in making the internet a safer place to be.

"I can think of no one with a greater understanding of the security threats facing Internet users and how best to defend against them than Jeff Moss" ICANN's CEO and formerly the director of the U.S. National Cybersecurity Center Rod Beckstrom said in a statement.

“He has the in-depth insider's knowledge that can only come from fighting in the trenches of the ongoing war against cyber threats." he added.

Moss is likely to take on his new position from Friday in the agency’s Washington DC office.