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Late News: Everything Everywhere Reports Rise In Revenue, ZTE Counter-Sues Huawei, Social Vending System

Everything Everywhere, the joint venture that the Orange and T-Mobile networks in the UK, has reported a modest rise in revenue during the first quarter of 2011. The company revealed a year-on-year growth of 1.6 percent in its revenue in Q1 2011, thanks to the rise in number of post-paid contract customers.

In retaliation to the lawsuit filed against it, telecom equipment supplier ZTE has filed a counter lawsuit against rival Huawei Technologies. What makes this ensuing legal battle between the two companies interesting is the fact that it took ZTE only one day to file this counter law suit against arch rival Huawei.

PlayStation 3 hacker George Hotz has denied any involvement in the latest Sony security breach that allowed hackers to steal data on millions of PSN customers. In a blog post, the hacker, who also goes by the name GeoHot, claimed that he was not crazy enough to hack into someone’s server and steal user information.

Pepsi has unveiled the world’s first Social Vending System that allows users to gift Pepsi beverages to friends. The social vending machines will come with an interactive touch panel that will allow users to purchase beverages offered by the company. Customers will also be able to access the nutritional information about each beverage.