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Noon News: Apple Buys For $4.5 Million, Google Earth Provides Royal Wedding Route, MySpace Up For Grabs

Rumours are circulating that Apple has purchased the domain name for an estimated $4.5 million. Technology blogger Om Malik revealed this possibility citing an unnamed source who, he claimed is “familiar with the company”.

Google Earth is providing a 3D model of the wedding route of the Royal couple Prince William and Kate Middleton, the search giant revealed yesterday on its blog. Navigating through the heart of capital on a day when thousands of people will gather around to see a glimpse of the wedding procession, could prove to be quite a challenge for locals who know every nook and cranny and next to impossible for people from out of town.

Attachmate has completed the $2.2 billion acquisition of open source software maker Novell, after shareholders and regulators gave their nod of approval. Earlier, Novell had announced that the company plans to be acquired by Attachmate for $2.2 billion. The company also revealed that it will sell a patent portfolio containing 882 open source patents to CPTN Holdings

News Corp. has begun entertaining bids for the MySpace social networking platform, which has succumbed to the dominance of Facebook. The bids are expected to start coming in soon; the company is asking for a minimum price of $100 million, according to a new Wall Street Journal report.

Channel 4 has released an app for its 4oD on-demand video streaming service for Apple’s iPad tablet device. Following in the footsteps of rival BBC’s iPlayer app, the company said that the app was designed specifically for the large screened tablet device and to allow users to stream some of the content available on the 4oD website.