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Sony Confirms Blu-ray Disc Production To Restart By May

Sony has announced its decision to resume their production of Blu-ray discs and other optical discs at a factory that got hit by the devastating Tsunami last month.

The production is likely to resume towards the end of next month, the company announced.

The Sendai Technology center of the company which is located in the Tagajo city remains still offline after being devastated by last month’s earthquake and tsunami. In fact, according to reports, that’s the only factory of the Sony that still remains offline.

The Sendai Technology Center is the facility responsible for making professional video tapes and blank Blu-ray discs amongst other products. With the factory going out of service last month, the supplies of quite a few media products, including that of the HDCAM video tapes that plays an important role in the portable TV cameras, suffered a severe crisis.

As the production resumes towards late May, it is likely to result in bringing down the ongoing crisis of professional media products significantly.

After being operational again in May, the factory will resume the production of its optical discs first. And then it will then start producing slowly and gradually more complicated products like magnetic tapes etc. till the end of July.