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US Judge Largely Sides With Oracle Against Google

A US judge has largely sided with Oracle in the initial stages of the company’s lawsuit against Google.

Last year, Oracle filed a lawsuit against Google, accusing it off copying huge amounts of code from Java for its Android mobile operating system. Oracle gained control over Java after it acquired Sun Microsystems.

According to a report on Reuters, US district court judge William Alsup released a claim construction order that outlined the scope of the patents cited by Oracle in the lawsuit.

The claim construction order took three of the seven patents cited by Oracle into consideration. The judge agreed with Oracle’s interpretation of four of the five technical terms that were being opposed by Google. The interpretation of the fifth term was written by the judge himself.

This initial set back bodes badly for the search engine giant as it battles Oracle for Android. Claim construction orders usually determine the course of the lawsuit in the future. Google can’t afford to have the wind knocked out of Android and would be forced to get into a licensing agreement with Oracle, which is what Oracle wants, as Android grows more popular day by day.