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Virtual Tour Of The Royal Wedding Procession On Google Earth

Google Earth is providing a 3D model of the wedding route of the Royal couple Prince William and Kate Middleton, the search giant revealed yesterday on its blog (opens in new tab).

Navigating through the heart of capital on a day when thousands of people will gather around to see a glimpse of the wedding procession, could prove to be quite a challenge for locals who know every nook and cranny, and next to impossible for people from out of town.

But at least you can get a sense of the where the momentous event is taking place, even if you can only see the back of other people's heads in person.

The wedding route will begin from the wedding location itself- the Westminster Abbey. The Westminster Abbey is the traditional place where royal couples have been getting married for hundreds of years now.

The 3D virtual tour then shows the Parliament Square, Whitehall, the Cenataph and Downing Street. The virtual tour also allows users to zoom in and out the route, have a bird’s eye view on the entire path as well as the ability to have a “virtual walk” through it.

Even for people who are planning to watch the wedding on television, the 3D tour can provide a welcome break from TV announcers trying to fill the silence.