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ZTE Counter-Sues Huawei Over 4G Infringement

In retaliation to the lawsuit filed against it, telecom equipment supplier ZTE has filed a counter lawsuit against rival Huawei Technologies.

What makes this ensuing legal battle between the two companies interesting is the fact that it took ZTE only one day to file this counter law suit against arch rival Huawei.

Earlier, Huawei dragged ZTE to a European Court by accusing it of indulging in patent infringement of its mobile broadband data cards as well as of its high speed fourth generation Long Term Evolution (LTE) technology.

Ironically, the counter law suit filed by ZTE in China on the other hand accused Huawei of infringing its own fourth generation LTE technologies. The company also asked Huawei to refrain from indulging in any further such violations, and to pay them a hefty fee, amount unknown, as compensations.

The company also revealed that it would take the offensive one step further by taking legal action against Huawei even outside China.

Huawei has not revealed its stand yet after having been put through similar charges as it brought against ZTE.

But regarding the motive behind their lawsuit, the company boss’s Dr. Song Liuping had earlier said in a statement: “Our objective is to stop the illegal use of Huawei's intellectual property and resolve this dispute through negotiation so that our technology is used in a lawful manner".