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Sony Bravia TV Can Now Make Calls Over Skype

Users will now be able to make video and voice calls via Skype directly from their Sony Bravia TVs, the company has revealed.

The Japanese consumer electronics giant released a firmware update for its entire line of internet enabled Bravia televisions, bringing Skype and other new features that give users greater control over their TV sets, reports Easier Technology (opens in new tab).

Sony wants users to spend more time on their television and has released a TV version of the popular VoIP client. In order to initiate video and voice calls, users will be required to purchase a web camera and microphone, which are sold separately by Sony and other third party vendors.

The firmware update will also allow users to control their Bravia televisions using smartphones and tablets. The TVs will now be supported by Sony’s Media Remote app available for Android smartphones, iPhone and the iPad tablet. Users will also be able to access the Remote Keyboard function found on most VIAO laptops.

The inclusion of smartphone and tablet support will make it easier for users to enter text on the TV and surf the web. The Bravia TVs have also been integrated with Facebook and Twitter, allowing users to access their accounts and post status updates directly from their TVs.