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Department Of Justice Agrees To End Oversight Of Microsoft

The 10 year long antitrust settlement between the United States Government and Microsoft Corp. is going to expire this year on May 12, and attorneys from the Department of Justice (DOJ) clarified that they have no intentions of challenging this expiration.

Its been a decade now since the settlement that forced Microsoft to operate under strict DOJ oversight, ensuring that no violation of the pact takes place and that the company avoids using any uncompetitive business practices, reports PC World (opens in new tab).

During the hearing, lawyers from the Justice Department stated that Microsoft Corp.’s effort towards abiding by the rules of the settlements was satisfactory, and hence the agency would not make any objection to releasing the company from the limitations imposed by the settlement.

Microsoft said in a statement that it was “pleased” with the final outcome of the hearing.

Reports suggest that Microsoft has approximately 400 dedicated employees whose main role is to just make sure that the company sticks by the rules and regulations of the settlement. Whether or not they will retain their jobs after the settlement expires is not known.

Some have suggested that a more accurate interpretation of the DoJ's move is simply that Microsoft no longer dominates the tech industry as it did ten years ago.