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Facebook Removed Activists' Profile Pages & Accounts

Social networking website Facebook canned around 50 user accounts & pages, which all appear to be related to anti-cuts and anti-tuition fees groups including ArtsAgainst Cuts, No Cuts, Socialist Unity and Whospeaks Forus.

UCL Occupation, a group formed by students from the University College Of London, reported on Friday that over 50 political accounts were deleted from Facebook in a purge that started on the 28th, which may have been prompted by the fear of potential disruptions for the royal wedding and the May day weekend.

Ironically, UCL Occupation had to create a "stop social network censorship" group on Facebook to get some feedback, as nearly 2500 people "liked" the page.

Facebook has become the biggest virtual meeting room with nearly 600 million active users worldwide and thousands of communities using the site to promote their ideas and organise their events.

However, the crackdown - which some have called a political purge of Facebook - has encouraged UCL Occupation to look for other self-hosted, open source platforms like OpenDiaspora or using the good ol' email list or Twitter accounts to get their messages through.

Guy Aitchinson from OpenDemocracy also pointed to the fact that despite fears of disruptions, there were actually no major protests planned for the royal wedding, as most activists "have rather sensibly taken the view that they’d prefer not run the risk of getting shot, bayoneted or set upon by a royalist crowd".