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Standing Cloud Announces Partnership With Extentech

Cloud based application management firm Standing Cloud has announced its partnership with Extentech to offer a private office platform in the cloud.

The companies unveiled the Sheetster for Standing Cloud which is a cloud based docs editing platform that offers real-time editing and collaboration to users which is accessible from virtually anywhere without having to install any software.

Sheetster, which is an open source tool, offered by Extentech comes with an Excel like user interface that allow users to easily upload and start editing their spreadsheets.

The tools comes with support for Excel 97-2010 file formats and offers features like charts, conditional formatting and data validation. Sheetser will be available on Standing Cloud which will provide back-up, monitoring and support services to Sheetster customers.

As the application is open source, developers are free to play around with the tool and create compelling new add-ons for the software using the Sheetster APIs.

“As soon as I tried Standing Cloud I began working towards providing Sheetster on this compelling new platform. Now spreadsheet users and docs app developers are mere minutes away from dramatically lowering their barriers to entry - the exclusive club of the virtual private cloud is now open to all,” John McMahon, CEO, Extentech Inc, said in a statement.