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Yahoo Reveals Plans For Hadoop Engineering Spin Off

Internet company Yahoo is considering spinning off its Hadoop engineering department into a separate company, it has been revealed.

A report on The Wall Street Journal claims that the company is planning to create an independent company out of its Hadoop division that could focus entirely on developing the software and providing support services for it.

Hadoop is an open source Apache database processing framework that was developed by Doug Cutting using the Java programming language. Hadoop has seen substantial growth in the enterprise software market with Yahoo being its largest contributor. Hadoop is managed and maintained by The Apache Foundation.

Yahoo uses the technology to offer personalised content and advertisement for users. Apart from Yahoo, the data processing technology is used by companies like eBay, Facebook and Twitter.

Forrester Research senior analyst James Kobielus reckons that the market for software and services based on Hadoop could be worth $1 billion in the near future.

Other analysts also predict that Yahoo could make a lot of money by setting up an entire company that focuses on Hadoop. It sounds like something that CEO Carol Bartz would do, as the company distances itself from its online search business and move into new things.