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3 Reasons Why The Sony S1 Will Not Defeat The iPad 2

As Sony presents the S1 tablet, few would argue that the Japanese company is in a position to mount a credible challenge to the Apple iPad 2.

(1) Even though the S1 was announced at the end of April, it won't go on sale until the autumn, which four months from now at the earliest, by which time Apple will have solved its current crippling supply shortage and flooded the market with millions of iPad 2 tablets.

In addition, there's also a worrying lack of information about the Sony Tablet which leads us to believe that Sony hasn't yet finalised the spec sheet for the S1. Apart from the operating system (Android 3.0 Honeycomb), Connectivity (Wi-Fi & 3G/4G), screen size & resolution (9.4-inch, 1280x800 pixels), we don't know much about it. In comparison, even when RIM introduced the Blackberry Playbook and HP presented its Touchpad, they published detailed specifications of their tablets.

(2) The Sony S1 tablet is likely to be as expensive as the iPad 2, as the Japanese brand still carries a premium compared to other brands such as LG or Samsung; a Sony TV for example will in most cases cost you more than a similar model from its Korean competitors.

(3) Sony is sticking to its Qriocity media service which delivers on demand audio, video and ebooks, essentially Sony's answer to Apple's popular iTunes service. Will Qriocity be a success? We're not sure given that it is already late to the on demand party (Amazon, Netflix, Tesco, Walmart, Spotify etc) and doesn't offer any significant product differentiation.