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£49.99 Philips SPA2602 5.1 Multimedia Speakers

Philips, over the years has established itself as a pioneer in the market when it comes to delivering very reasonably priced high-quality audio solutions, with the 5.1 Philips Multimedia Speakers (SPA2602) being no exception in this trend.

An elegant, stylish look accompanied by some really powerful features, come with this amazing product. The approach made by Philip with the SPA2602 is fresh, and includes an advanced driver technology as well as a home audio inspired design.

It carries five 6 watt Satellite speakers and a 15 watt subwoofer. The speakers are fully shielded, thus ensuring a high quality audio output - be it from your PC or Mp3 player. The product is compatible with a wide range of devices including Computers, DVD players as well as with MP3 players.

The power consumption is also fairly low with the internal power supply for each of the individual speakers.

In regards to the size, the multimedia speakers are really compact in design and it measures only 11.7 x 8.3 x 5.6 cm (H x W x D). The size of the subwoofer on the other hand stands at (H) 20.2cm, (W) 17.5cm and (D) 22cm.

The Philips 5.1 Multimedia Speakers (SPA2602) is available at Priceminister for an amount of £49.99 only.