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Apple Wins Initial Round Of Legal Battle Against Elan Microelectronics

The first round of the legal battle between Apple Inc. and Elan Microelectronics Corp. has been won by Apple, an ITC (International Trade Commission) ruling confirmed.

Elan Microelectronics is a leading touchpad-chip designer/manufacturer and is based in Taiwan.

Earlier last year, in March, the company had filed a lawsuit against Apple in the ITC claiming it was violating its patent over a certain touch pad technology by introducing it in some form or the other in its widely popular iPod touch, iPhone and MacBook devices.

Elan was compelled to take the shelter of Law when despite of repeated appeals made by it for an out of court settlement, Apple kept on ignoring it altogether, over a long period of time.

However, Judge Paul Luckern, who was in charge of the case, clearly did not seem to be convinced by the arguments made by the complainant. He said in his ruling that no such violation was being carried out by the California based electronic giant as far as the patent mentioned by Elan was concerned.

When asked for comments on this latest victory, an Apple spokesman declined to comment. Elan on the other hand expressed its regret over the rejection of its plea. But it did not forget to mention that an appeal would soon be filed against this initial ruling.