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Cisco Enters Portable Data Centre Market

Enterprise server and networking equipment maker Cisco has dished out its first portable data centre, in competition with Dell and Hewlett-Packard.

The containerised data centre which is a 40-foot shipping container has all the servers, switches and other IT equipment packed into it.

Cisco’s offering comes with all the bells and whistles expected out of a portable data centre but it also offers a unique cooling system and a data centre management tool that sets it apart from competition.

Usually, portable data centres with a water-based cooling system but the system is located above the server equipment. However, Cisco’s offering comes with a chilled water cooling system that is located on the floor of the container, thereby reducing the chances of water damage in case of a leak.

The container also comes with individual racks for each of the equipment which allows the companies to adjust the cooling on each of the rack separately based on their requirements. This allows them to save on energy costs.

Cisco is also offering a new data centre management tool called Cisco Data Centre Operations 360, which will allow companies to keep track of rack temperatures in real-time and provide data for analysis.

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