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Email Reveals Location Data's Importance To Google's Future

A newly unveiled email written by a Google product manager has revealed that the location data collected by the search engine giant is valuable to the company’s future.

According to an article on the Wall Street Journal, the email is part of a public filing made in a lawsuit against the company last year.

The email indicates how important collecting location data is to the company for its mobile and advertising services strategy. The email exchange between Google product manager Steve Lee and Google co-founder and CEO Larry Page was revealed during a lawsuit filed by Skyhook Wireless.

Google claims in the email that collecting location data was vital to the functioning of certain mobile applications and websites. The data is useful for delivering online advertisements based on users’ location.

The company, with user permission, collects location data of wireless access points being accessed by its Android operating system. Google also collects Wi-Fi access point locations from people using its Chrome web browser.

The Wi-Fi location data allows Google to determine the approximate location of mobile phones and desktop computers, which is then used to deliver location-based ads.