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Fujitsu Increases Data Centres In Australia, Invests $100 Million

Fujitsu is planning to set-up two new data centres in Australia as a part of its efforts to invest around $100 million in expanding its data centre offerings in the land down under.

According to Computer World Australia, the company’s chief executive for Australia and New Zealand, Mike Foster, said that the company will be setting up new data centres in Sydney and Melbourne and will expand the existing ones in Perth, Sydney and Melbourne.

The company currently has 10 data centres in the country. Fujitsu said that the data centres will be operated by the company itself and will be used to provide hosting services to several companies including Toyota Australia and beverages maker Frucor.

“All of our data centres are and will be of ‘large’ scale. We have the capacity to scale to approximately 30,000 square metres across all current centres in Australia,” Foster said in a statement.

The company said that it was making investments in its Australian data centres owing to the growth in a number of industrial sectors including financial services, resource and government sector. The company has also witnessed a rise in demand for cloud computing services.