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Google Chrome Continues To Gain On Internet Explorer

Google’s Chome web browser continues to eat away at Internet Explorer’s popularity, with the browser now taking nearly 12 percent of the browser market, according to statistics released by online metrics firm Net Applications, reports T3.

Net Applications said that in April Chrome had a market share of 11.9 percent, up 0.4 percent from March. Meanwhile, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer saw its market share slide to 55.1 percent in April from 55.9 percent in March.

Mozilla’s Firefox web browser dropped to 21.6 percent in April from 21.8 percent in March, despite the release of Firefox 4, which saw millions of downloads on the first day alone. Apple’s Safari web browser, which comes pre-installed on Apple machines, increased its market share to 7.1 percent form 6.6 percent in March.

Google's browser has shown remarkable growth in the past 12 months thanks to the company regularly updating its download channels with stable versions. The latest stable version of Google Chrome, version 11, comes with support for HTML voice inputs that allow users to access certain Google services, like Translate, using voice commands.

Internet Explorer, which comes pre-installed with Windows, is still the world's most popular web browser.