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Google faces probe into search monopoly - report

According to a band of faceless blabbermouths, the US Federal Trade Commission is ready to investigate Google's dominant position in Internet search.

Bloomberg cites "three people familiar with the matter" who claim the FTC will serve 'civil investigative demands' for information - on someone or other.

While Bloomberg's story lacks much meat to go with its small potatoes, it is likely to FTC wants to have a sniff around the way Google does business, simply because it dominates the search industry so comprehensively.

The FTC has been waiting for the Justice Department to review Google's acquisition of ITA Software Inc. before having a ferret around itself, apparently.

Google is keeping mum on the matter, but one bloke Bloomberg spoke to - John Simpson, a consumer advocate at California-based Consumer Watchdog and not the BBC's burkha-wearing correspondent reckons Google should be broken up. "Google is the Standard Oil Company of this century,” he claimed.

Funnily enough Microsoft agrees and last month complained to the EU about Google's alleged search discrimination tactics.