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Google Maps Locates Bin Laden's Hideout

The Abbotabad mansion in which Al-Qaeda leader and terrorist Osama Bin Laden was reportedly killed by a US special ops team has been located on Google Maps.

The compound where Bin Laden was hiding and killed was mapped by the company within minutes after the new broke about the success of the secret US operation, the Guardian reports. Users have since posted several comments about the compound on Google Maps and Google Places.

The place itself has been tagged “Osama Bin Laden’s Compound’ on Google Maps. It is not yet confirmed that the compound is the one where Osama was killed, but users believe that it is the real thing.

Bin Laden’s compound comes across as a massive structure surrounded by high walls. Sources claim that the compound was made into a fortress with two massive gates and 18 foot walls. The compound also had a hidden terrace behind a larger wall.

So far, more than 233 reviews have been posted on the Google Maps page. Apparently, Bin Laden’s masion was located in a posh neighbourhood of Abbotabad, with the building itself marked for demolition according to official records.

Abbotabad, named after its founder Major James Abbot, is located some 35 milles from Pakistan’s capital city Islamabad and is home to several retired Pakistan army officials.