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IT Network Of Schools In Seattle Hacked, Student Grades Modified

A recent security breach in Seattle Public Schools might have exposed some serious flaws in the district’s IT network for schools.

Teachers in schools in Ballard, Ingraham and Sealth high schools reported that students’ grades had been changed without their knowledge.

Further investigations revealed that someone, most probably a student, had procured passwords using key-logging software or other tools and hacked into the schools’ IT network and changed grades.

Even though no one has been caught so far, the security breach has thrown light on several flaws in the way schools monitor the security of their infrastructure in Seattle.

Apart from the changes made in the grades, officials are also checking whether information belonging to teachers and students stored in the network was stolen or not. Information includes email messages, URLs and banking information.

As The Seattle Times suggests, apart from focusing on catching whoever hacked into the network, officials should also take this opportunity to strengthen the network security in schools using firewalls and other means in order to avoid something like this in the future.

School officials should make protection of student information their top priority and giving adequate access to student information to parents and teachers.