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Late News: Android Market Free Apps, Royal Wedding Breaks Online Audience Records, Anonymous And PSN Outage

Google’s Android operating system now offers more free mobile applications than Apple’s App Store for iOS devices. Google’s Android Market has more than 134,342 free apps available for download while the iTunes App Store offers 121,845 free apps, according to the latest metrics released by app store analytics firm Distimo, TechSpot reports.

The Royal Wedding managed to break all online audience records, but failed to bring the internet down as video streaming service providers were able to cope with the massive traffic. According to an article on PCMag, early reports indicated that online video streaming companies the world over saw record audiences for the Royal Wedding, but most of them were able to handle the traffic without crashing

Samsung seems set to launch a new netbook based on Google's Chrome operating system according to a post that appeared on Google Groups. The netbook, codenamed Alex, uses the same hardware blueprint as the CR48, the original Google Chrome OS laptop.

The Abbotabad mansion in which Al-Qaeda leader and terrorist Osama Bin Laden was reportedly killed by a US special ops team has been located on Google Maps. The compound where Bin Laden was hiding and killed was mapped by the company within minutes after the new broke about the success of the secret US operation, the Guardian reports.

Sony says that there is no link between the recent attack on its servers and the online hacktivist group Anonymous. The company said that it was targeted by a highly sophisticated attack on its servers in San Diego but admits that Anonymous was not involved in the attacks.