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Mac OS X Lion Provides More Hints Of A Cloud Computing Service

The developer build version of Apple’s Mac OS X 10.7 Lion includes a hidden feature which enables MobileMe accounts to be migrated to the “Castle”, an upcoming cloud service, according to a recent report.

The feature was first discovered by the French website (opens in new tab) after their team dug into the developer preview build of OS X Lion.

Experts believe that “Castle” is the codename of the rumored iCloud service, currently on the developers’ table.

With inputs from “reliable” unnamed sources, the dedicated Apple news and rumor website AppleInsider (opens in new tab)claimed that the California-based tech giant is using this feature internally for the time being and intends to launch it with features that will enable various new purposes, not only for streaming music.

Apple had previously revealed that its 500,000 square foot data center located in North Caroline would be operational from spring onwards and that it would support iTunes and MobileMe services.

Considering the new data center is almost five times larger than the existing one in California, chances are high that Apple’s plans for the cloud-computing market are much larger than the company is letting on.

The name iCloud comes from Apple's recent purchase of; their cloud may ultiamtely have a different name.