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New iMac Rumored To Use Intel's Sandy Bridge CPU

Rumors are circulating that Apple is going to unveil its new iMac all-in-one desktop on Tuesday, equipped with the latest second generation Intel Sandy Bridge core technology processors.

These rumors have come at a time when fans around the world found themselves aching for a product refreshment of the iMac family line-up, the last one having taken place almost nine months back.

And this anticipation has only been heightened by all the rumors about the new iMac; adopting Intel’s Sandy Bridge CPU is only the latest in recent rumors.

Kasper Jade of AppleInsider wrote, "In the days leading up to major product launches, Apple routinely makes certain requests of its various operating segments to assure the roll out goes as smoothly as possible.”

“This week saw several of those measures put into place, according to those same people, who've continually provided accurate information when it comes the Mac maker's future plans," Jade added.

As expected, Apple has neither confirmed, nor declined these reports and has a long history of not responding to rumors prior to a new product's release, sometimes not even acknowledging that a product release is coming up.