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Research Reveals Travel Companies Prefer Mobile Websites Over Mobile Apps

Travel companies are focusing their investments on making mobile websites instead of going for mobile applications.

The investment in mobile applications by travel companies is slowly waning in favor of mobile websites, a soon-to-be-released report by Eye for Travel has revealed.

The research conducted by Eye for Travel, reported by Biz Report, found that around 8 percent of big travel companies, that have a marketing budget between $51 million to $100 million, don’t have a mobile site while around 25 percent don’t have a mobile application.

The companies interviewed in the report claimed that both mobile websites and mobile apps resulted in drawing consumer traffic to their platforms but the cost of developing a mobile app was siphoning companies towards mobile websites which are much cheaper to build.

Meanwhile, around 67 percent of small travel companies, that have a marketing budget of less than $400,000, don’t have a mobile website or a mobile application. The high development cost of mobile applications would mean that they are most likely to go for mobile websites.

Mobile websites offer somewhat similar functionality to a mobile app, but they are far more accessible to users as everyone does not have a Smartphone to run the apps.