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Royal Wedding Most Watched Online Event

The Royal Wedding managed to break all online audience records, but failed to bring the internet down as video streaming service providers were able to cope with the massive traffic.

According to an article on PC Mag, early reports indicated that online video streaming companies the world over saw record audiences for the Royal Wedding, but most of them were able to handle the traffic without crashing.

The reports indicate that the services did suffer from streaming lag time due to the large number of online traffic.

A report on The Telegraph reports that the BBC’s live streaming coverage of the Royal Wedding crashed in the middle of the ceremony as it was unable to handle the large number of Britons visiting the website.

Google has not given an exact number of people that watched the Royal Wedding on its YouTube Royal Wedding channel but expects the number to be around 400 million viewers worldwide. Palace officials had collaborated with Google to deliver the live stream of the wedding to the online audience.

Before the Royal Wedding, the 2010 FIFA World Cup and President Obama’s inauguration were the most streamed events on the web.