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US Army To Open Its Own App Store

The US Army is planning to open up its own mobile app store, a recent report revealed.

The app store, named the Army Marketplace will initially have 17 Android and 16 iPhone apps on offer.

The apps were created by the Army during last year’s Apps for the Army contest, and they were specially designed to assist soldiers in their day-to-day Army duties.

The apps in offering come under a wide range of categories- from fitness guidance purposes, to assist them during disaster reliefs with Google maps and other similar services, or helping soldiers to keep in touch with the command posts during missions, and many more.

It is learned that the Army’s first preference is to develop these apps in-house, but it has also kept its options open and if required, will hand over the project to third party developers on contractual basis.

Lt. Col. Gregory Motes, head of the Army's Mobile Applications Branch, said in an exclusive speech to the Wired's Danger Room. "It'd use an agile software-development process, to close with the vendor and try to quickly turn these apps around."

"The current process of software creation [in the Army] is a very long and arduous process. That's how we do things. But app development needs to be done very quickly," he added.